Jane in her wool shop in Dover


Well I'm Jane and I have been a crafter all my life and local to
Folkestone and Dover too.

My Mum and Nan got me started and in turn
I got my children started as well.

   Having children and working full time did certainly impacted how much time I had available for my crafting. Since being made redundant and my children being older, I found myself with more time.

And Crafty Jane was reborn.

I am passionate about crafting and passionate about children being involved too. After all that's how I started.

My first passion is knitting, and I'm happy to blame my mum for this. I made my first school cardigan at the age of 12, it made me feel proud to wear something  that I made. I would like to help other children to have that same feeling.

I am working with knitting groups in Dover and hope to work with children too.